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Where Are Your Classes Held?

Our classes are held in the visualarium of your mind!  All classes are online and accessed through this site.

How Much Does It Cost?

To learn more about the class, including the price, make sure to sign up for the free preview content.  We'll email you more about the class and also let you know when registration is open.

How Do I Purchase A Class?

We open registration roughly a week before the class launches.  Make sure to pre-register for the course or sign up for our free preview of the class to learn more and be signed up to the classes email list.

What Is A Master Class?

Master Classes are large scale training events that involve a commitment from both the teacher and the student.  To learn more about a specific class you can subscribe to the class email list by pre-registering. Click here to go to the How It Works Page.

Downloads or Streaming

We know that you need to download your training to make the most out of it.  That is why all your training includes downloadable lectures as well as streaming.  Downloads of live classes are available 48 hours after the lecture.

1:1 or Crit Fridays

Learning something new is just the first step.  You need to practice and get feedback to really get results.  We've got you covered.  Classes come with either 1:1 sessions with the instructor, Crit Friday sessions and/or a private forum for reviews and responses.


We guarantee each of our classes.  If you haven't improved or don't feel like you learned enough just let us know and we'll refund you the cost of the course.  Each class's guarantee is different and it depends on the length of the course.  Just check the class's order page for more info.


We have you covered here, too.  Each class comes with the resources you'll need to get the same results as your teacher.

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